Film Work

Film Work

Below is a list of sets I have worked on. Ordered from most recent on down. 


"Jantastic 2016 Promo" San Diego Derby Dolls,

 "2013 DIVERT Collection Set" - Toni&Guy - DIT,

"Girls In Bed" - Boom-op/Sound recordist,

"Marza" - Production Sound Mixer,

"Gone" Kina Grannis - DIT,

"Popsicle - Sweeten Your Life" - Associate Producer, Red Camera Tech,

"Dirty Jobs" - DIT,

"2012 HERE AND NOW" (Instructional Portion)- Toni&Guy - Camera Op -

"Rogue In Love Short Film" Michelle Phan - DIT, 2nd AC -

"Every Night Music Video" - DIT, Camera Op, 1st AC -

"Missing Pieces Music Video" David Choi - DIT, 1st AC -

"Guestlink Corporate Promo" - DIT, 1st AC - Private

"LMU Soccer Team Interviews" - DIT - Private

"Concrete Angel Music Video" Gareth Emery - DIT -

"Sweetpea" Short Film - DIT -

"Airsoft GI - Left 4 Dead - Impulse 76 Fan Film" - DIT -

"Underneath Your love Short Film" Michelle Phan - DIT, Production Sound Mixer/Boom Op-

"Without Me" Kina Grannis - DIT, 1st AC;

"LXD Chevy 2011 Glee Tour Intro" - Production Sound Mixer/Boom Op -