George Tsai

About Me

I was born in Taiwan and moved with my family to the states when I was 7. My Dad is an electrical engineer and used to develop Nintendo systems and closed caption systems for laser discs when I was young. So all my life I have been surrounded by electronics, engineering projects, and movies. This all developed my strong passion for engineering and film. Throughout middle school and high school I made many short films, little engineering projects, and was the main audio technician at my church.

I attended California State University, Long Beach and graduated in 2010 with BS in Electrical Engineering, Audio Engineering, and an Entrepreneurship Minor.After my freshmen year in college, motivated by the invasion of Iraq I enlisted in the Marine Corps. While serving in the reserves I continued my education at Long Beach. I spent two years away from school for my deployment to Iraq (Infantry, force protection) in 2005 and Afghanistan (Artillery, Section Chief) in 2009. I concluded my service with an honorable discharge as a Sergeant.

Today, I am a proud owner of the Red Epic-Dragon camera and am advancing my passion in film and engineering. I also have accumulated many lab test equipment that I use to develop products for use and to sell in the film industry. Having the opportunity to combine all that I love to do , the future holds endless possibilities!


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