23 Apr 2012

Mission Bowl 2012, from capture to delivery in less than 40 hours. From first clips loaded onto the computer to finishing final export in less than 20 Hours including remixing the music.


Mission Bowl is a fundrasing event put together by Lighthouse Church every year, and this year the event started at 12:30, April 21st. I did not find out that the event was taking place until the night before, so I came to the event rather under prepared. Having only two 128GB SSD I shot until both were completely full. The entire coverage was shot in the on-the-shoulder configuration; Epic-X with quad module and side handle attached with the Bomb EVF. First shot began at around 1PM and ended with the event at 830PM. 

This is the quickest turn around I have attempted wth Red footage, and without the Red Rocket card this would not have been possible. It enabled me to edit in real time at a resolution greater than HD and cut my final render time For 4K out by 4.5 times without a Red Rocket card, from 4.5 hours down to 1 hour (Yes I tested it). This also would not have been possible in Final Cut Pro. Adobe Premiere's ability to edit natively and take advantage of the Red Rocket card is without a doubt unrivaled in its ability to quickly ingest and edit Red footages. The bottleneck was no longer in the ability to process the red footage but rather my drives are too slow. My scratch disk is configured by software in Raid 0, but unfortunately I haven't picked up a new hard drive so that scratch drive only had about 90GB of working space on it. All 5 of my other 1TB drives are full as well. 

6 Monitors really helped with the speedy editing.... Kind of.... if you dont count the monitor showing Top Gear UK as a distraction:-P There was a little over 200 clips I had to shift through so I labeled and place each of them in a bin according to really good footage, maybe footage I can use, and just straight up unsuable footage. Music was remixed in Adobe Audition, not my prefered DAW but for this simple edit I was able to get it done decently. Since I run my Premeire on windows to take advantage of the CUDA on my GTX460 I didn't want to reboot to Apple just to edit in Logic. 

Getting this done in such a short amount of time did have its sacrifices, specifically in the edit and color grading. A very simple grade was applied to each clip individually and I only had the time to spend a few minutes on each. Either way, the idea for this project was to show a fast turn around IS possible working with Red.

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