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FUZE Ti: New Slate
31 Oct 2014

Getting the new smartslate ready for another crowdfunding campaign attempt:-)

Several versions of the new prototype has been printed with my new 3D printer from Cubify. A lot of little fixes here and there but it's looking like everything is about set and ready to go. The 3D printer took a lot of learning what works what doesnt, how to compensate for shrinking holes and warping ABS plastic. I've already gone through about $300 worth of material from Cubify, granted their price is one of the highest on the market. Their software to build the printer files could use a lot of improvements. Aside from some minor bugs, they need to refine the way it prints small back and forth features like gears. Currently it shakes the entire printer quite violently, often times losing track of its position. Another much desired feature is to be able to make the raft material larger than the default, as well as it's density.  



I've also been making numerous orders from McMaster-Carr for various hardware and sealants to test out with the prototype. They're a great source with tons of selections to choose from, and fast shipping from LA. A lot of the recent orders are all geared towards making it at the very least water resistant, which is the last thing to test before making a new kickstarter video. New website is also nearly completed. A lot of content just needs to be filled, like the products shots and description.

Taking product shots using a whiteboard as the shooting table, then a lot of poor photoshopping to fix all the compromises made without having a proper shooting setup:-P

20141031 014304 RichtoneHDRs

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