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I have officially upgraded to Red's somewhat recent new release, the V-Raptor. Off the bat, the performance and image quality of this camera is insane. Super clean low light and high frame rate (slow motion) is always loads of fun. Enjoy some of random, quick and dirty camera test playlist below.


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First crack at developing an Android app for release in Google Play store. Google's documentation is a lot of hit and misses. Particularly if you are developing with the new Androidx apis, searching in general for it is annoyingly difficult. AndroidX was a horrible name to give their new version, even their own search engine constantly returns "Did you mean Android?". Layout and themes is horribly documented, made even worse since Google removed the Theme Editor. I've never had the chance to use the editor, and from what I can gather is that it wasn't very reliable. However I would imagin at the very least it could give you an idea of what values you are looking for to modify. Instead I'll spend all day trying to figure out what the element I want to customize from the theme is named. Searching would be great if there was a efficient way to filter the api version you are working with, instead it is all over the place. If anything, the one thing they've documented well with examples, unsurprisingly is the AdMob and monitization libraries. As for rest of Android development, it more often than not feels like none of the Google departments talk to each other.


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I have recently upgraded the camera to an Epic-W, which has RED's new DSMC 2 system. So lots of used accessories for the DSMC 1 are up for sale! Shipping paid by buyer, local pickup near San Gabriel except noted.

I'm serveral months late with this post, either way this is the third annual All-Star tournament Jantastic at the Doll House and a major congratulations to My Little Ponies for their third championship win.


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A fairly simple and cost-effective way to make your shoulder rig.


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This is the second annual All-Star tournament Jantastic at the Doll House and a major congratulations to My Little Ponies for their second championship win.


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Jamtasic Tournament and San Diego Derby Dolls Promo Video


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The 7th annual Battle on the Banks. Had some time in between rentals so I went down to film some of the action.... With the Dragon:-)


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Shooting new cuts for the season with Toni&Guy for their instructional DVD.

Filming the San Diego Derby Dolls!


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First weekend with my Epic-X.


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Practicing with my Blackhawk camera stabilizer rig at a flag football practice:-)

Short spec commercial shot on my Epic-X mixed with the new Phantom Miro.

Paris shoot for "For All Women Network" with Michelle Phan!

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